On Friday, March 5th, I will be talking to one of the best data science mentors on Youtube, known for his work in bioinformatics and machine learning. His colorful infographics, succinct visualizations of the concepts, and depth of knowledge amaze every beginner in data science.

Chanin Nantasenamat is also known as ‘Data Professor’, a name everyone knows if they have ever searched for ‘data science’ on youtube. He is the head of ‘Center of Data Mining and Biomedical Informatics’ at Mahidol University, Thailand, and an Associate Professor as well. He has held visiting professor positions at Uppsala University in Sweden and California State University and University of California in US.

He has been the principal investigator of grants worth millions of dollars and has received numerous awards for his teaching and research work. He has over 100 publications at the cutting-edge of bioinformatics. He has peer-reviewed in over 40 journals.

Join us as we explore the boundaries of drug development and biotechnology and how data science and AI is helping us do that.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/xoCXVasBDe0?list=PLtluUSnvgbdF7MlqjX5-IVMCkFGTrEWlz

Audio Link: https://anchor.fm/minhaaj/episodes/Bioinformatics-with-Chanin-Nantasenamat-aka-Data-Professor-ermruh

Timestamps of the Conversation:

0:00 Intro

3:27 Thai, Chinese and Sanskrit Language Family

5:32 Transitioning from Medical and Biology careers to Data Science

10:23 Challenges for Chanin in Switching to Data Science

15:17 Technical vs Theoretical Challenges

18:28 GUI based tools for Citizen Data Scientists

23:37 Python vs R

26:25 Interoperability between R and Python

27:43 Julia taking over Python?

3:27 Thai, Chinese and Sanskrit Language Family

28:39 Chanin as Child Prodigy or Passionate Learner

32:22 Most useful ML Algorithms

35:53 Oversimplified Models vs Neural Network BlackBox for Drug Discovery

40:55 COVID 19 Vaccine, Drug Approval, FDA and Science

53:17 Kai Fu Lee’s book AI, China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order

59:20 Chinese Scientist imprisoned for Genetically Modifying Twin Girls

01:01:18 CRISPR, Genetic Modification and Unintended Consequences

01:03:27 Research in Healthcare in Sweden, Grants, Bioinformatics Tool Development

01:07:39 Nvidia GPUs, Hyperparallelization and Load Balancing for Molecular Dynamics

01:11:22 Drug Ingredients, Holistic Medicine, Four Temperaments and Homeostatis

01:20:09 Inspiration for Chanin

01:32:44 GUI vs Code for Data Science

01:45:55 Big Data ETL pipelines and Quality

01:52:47 R Markdown, Overleaf and Latex

01:54:42 R Shiny, Streamlit, Dash, Flask and Django for MVPs

02:01:50 Drug Companies, Research Sharing and Open Innovation

02:03:39 Academic Publishing’s High Cost, Exclusivity and SciHub, Libgenesis

01:32:44 Academic Journal’s Biased Editors, Lack of Diversity and Corruption of Academia

01:14:25 Ideal Model for Fixing Academics and Low Salaries. Love of Science

02:21:15 Chanin’s Daughter and her Ambitions

Chanin’s Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chanin-na...

Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/dataprofessor

Github: http://github.com/chaninlab

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Minhaaj Rehman is CEO & Chief Data Scientist of Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency focused on psychographic profiling and value generation through machine learning and deep learning.


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