Dhaval Patel is a software & data engineer with more than 17 years of experience. He has been working as a data engineer for a Fintech giant Bloomberg LP (New York) as well as NVidia in the past. He teaches programming, machine learning, data science through YouTube channel CodeBasics which has 428K subscribers worldwide.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/FmnVGuWPxJ8?list=PLtluUSnvgbdF7MlqjX5-IVMCkFGTrEWlz

Audio Link: https://anchor.fm/minhaaj/episodes/Data-Science-Careers-with-Dhaval-Patel—Codebasics-Youtube-e1977so

Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 Intro

01:34 Autoimmune disease ‘Ulcerative colitis’, Life & Death Struggle, Back to Life

03:40 Mental Health, Steroids & Immune System

11:00 Planning Videos, Pedagogy & Smart People Problem

17:15 Working at Bloomberg, Bloomberg Trading Terminal & Exceptional Talent in Bloomberg

21:13 Career Tracks on Data Related Spectrum, Pathways for different Careers

25:16 Data Structure and Algorithms, Politics vs Equations, Eternity

28:20 ML vs Deterministic Programming, Time & Space complexity of the ML Models

30:37 Kaggle vs Real Life, Soft Skills for Engineers, Transition from Competitions to Industrial Use-cases

30:02 Litmus Test for Hiring Data Scientists, Continuous Engagement & Adaptability

42:35 Loss of Productivity by Lack of Communication Skills, Education System Deficiencies, How to Win Friends by Dale Carnegie

46:50 Death by PowerPoint, Simplicity & Walk vs Talk

49:51 Negotiating Salary, Action vs Motivation, Cellphone is a Distraction

57:35 Growing Vegetables, Joy of Gardening, Rural Childhood & GMO Food

01:01:40 Dhando Investor, Motel Business Monopoly by Patels, Software Engineering

01:04:04 Deep learning, C++ Back-propagation Algorithms, Nvidia Titan RTX GPUs, Amazon Stores Experience

01:08:49 Nvidia Broadcast Noise Cancellation Demonstration, Nvidia Card Filtering, CNNs and Edge Detection

01:16:06 BlackBox Models, ML-centric vs Data-Centric Models,

01:19:25 Natural Language Understanding, Yann Lecaun, Low Accuracy is NLP Models

01:21:18 Github AI Pairing, Data Structures & Future of Programming Languages

01:27:01 ETL pipelines & Distributed Computing Structures

01:30:00 FAST API, Beginner’s Tools, Pytorch vs TensorFlow, Improvements in Tensorflow 2.0

01:35:05 Programmers vs Normal People, Semantics of English vs Programming Languages, pd.read_csv

01:38:03 Nvidia GPU vs Apple M1 GPU, Hope for non-Nvidia Deep-learning, Google Colab

01:41:30 Google Pixel, Google Tensor Chips & Chip Shortages

01:44:00 Discord Community for Data Science, Mentorship & Abundance Mindset

01:49:00 Struggles, Battles, Hopelessness & Dysphonia

Dhaval’s profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhavalsays/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/codebasics

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Minhaaj Rehman is CEO & Chief Data Scientist of Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency focused on psychographic profiling and value generation through machine learning and deep learning.


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