It is always such an enriching conversation talking to top veterans at Gartner which in my opinion is hands down world’s best research company. Don’t miss my conversation with Doug Laney on Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2021 on Psyda Podcast.

Doug Laney is Amazon’s best-selling author of ‘Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive Advantage’. It was selected by CIO Magazine as the “Must-Read Book of the Year” and a “Top 5 Books for Business Leaders and Tech Innovators.”

Doug previously has served as a Distinguished Analyst with Gartner’s Chief Data Officer research and advisory team and was a three-time Gartner annual thought leadership award recipient. In addition, he launched and managed the Deloitte Analytics Institute, is a Forbes contributing writer and has been published in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times among other media outlets.

Doug has taught at major business schools around the world e.g. University of Illinois Gies College of Business and Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz College where he teaches Infonomics and other top courses, available online via Coursera with an enrollment of over 17000 people.

He co-chairs the annual MIT CDO/IQ Symposium and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s data exchange initiative.

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Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 intro

01:10 Space Pajamas, Moon Landing and Infonomics

03:35 Data Monetization, Data Governance and Infonomics for Dummies

04:43 Highways England Case Study in Forbes, ROI Evaluation and Methodology

08:40 Cost of Data Acquisition, Big Four and GAAP

22:21 Netflix, Data Cost Evaluation and Process

17:40 WSJ Quote ‘Furniture vs Data’ Accounting and 9/11 Data Insurance Claims

22:36 Chicago Cubs, Stats and Freemium Model

28:20 ETL Pipelines, Linkedin Outage, Monetary Consequences of Downtime

30:14 Data Science Still the Sexiest Job? Data Scientists or Data Engineers?

33:12 Infonomics in Journalism, Politics, Polarity and International Relations

36:10 Congressional Hearing of Big Tech CEOs, Infonomics in Corporate Ethics

39:10 Minhaaj vs Doug. Probability of winning Tennis or Golf Match

41:42 Asian and Latin American Food and Flat-footed Marathon

42:50 Future Technologies, DNA Storage, Quantum Computing and Carbon NanoTubes

45:50 Bitcoin Investment, Gold Standard and Faith

47:35 Digital Twins, Decentralized Architecture for Organisations and Future of Management

48:30 On-Prem vs Cloud – AWS or Government

50:38 Open Source Collaboration, Data Privacy and Infonomics

53:30 Gauge theory, Micro/Macro Economics and GDP

57:00 Tax Deductible vs Barter Exchange Profits

58:00 Bill Schmarzo, John Ladley and Gary Backer

01:10:16 Multidisciplinary roots of Infonomics, ISO Standards, Library Sciences etc

01:02:16 Warren Buffet, Stock Markets and Infonomics Applications

01:04:15 Data is NOT the Oil, Economist Article is Wrong

01:37:50 CIO talk with Dave Vellante and Data Valuation of American Airlines. Enron Debacle

01:08:21 OpenAI’s GPT3 Hypocrisy, WikiEducator and Big Tech Profiteering

01:10:50 Apple and Facebook catfight on Data Privacy and Australian Delisting

01:14:20 Tradewars, US vs China and Trump Administration

01:16:50 Teaching at Coursera, Corporate vs Academics and Nobel Prize

01:19:50 CIO, CDO and CTO. The Nomenclature Overlap

01:22:30 Kushim, First known Human, Accountant and Infonomics

01:25:20 Snowden, NSA and Social Media Consumption

01:29:30 SpaceX Mission to Mars and Doug’s Ticket

01:30:30 Man in Space Nostalgia with Mars Landing and Doug’s Father

01:31:39 Communicating Innovative Ideas and Importance of Writing

01:32:50 Data Storytelling and Bigger Picture of Historical Fiction

01:35:10 Advice for Data Scientist, Value of Animation, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

01:39:20 College Student Debate Against AI Bot and IBM Watson Quiz Competition Victory

01:42:00 Tesla, Manual Control and Machine Ethical Decision

01:40:30 Neuralink, Biochips and Physical Enhancements

01:48:30 Human Mortality becoming a Choice

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