Francis Corrigan is Director of Decision Intelligence at Target Corporation. Embedded within the Global Supply Chain, Decision Intelligence combines data science with model thinking to help decision-makers solve problems.

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00:00 Intro

01:21 Data Science applications in Logistics and Supply Chain, Cost and Performance trade-off

03:21 Amazon vs Target fulfillment Model, Owning vs Coordinating with Last Mile companies e.g. FedEx

08:36 Suez Canal Container Blockage, Fallback plan at Target

10:37 Predicting products to Stock in Bottle Neck Scenarios

12:42 Air Freight vs Sea Shipments Costs, Ideal vs Real World Deliveries

15:48 Lack of Good Data and Prediction Challenges

18:00 Managing Expectations as Head of Analytics, Importance of Communicating

20:11 Stakeholder Management & Data Science Newsletter

23:39 Technical and Non-technical Teams Coordination, Speed Reading

26:36 Data Stories and Visualizations

29:47 Reporting Pipelines vs Story Narration

31:37 Times Series, Prophet, Flourish and Hans Rosling

35:28 Economist turned Data Scientist, Embarrassment as Motivation

38:20 Lack of Practical Skills of Data Science at University

41:18 Employer’s Perspectives on Data Science Talent

45:24 What Causes Data Teams Failure

48:40 COVID 19 and Times Series Corruption, Anomaly Detection

56:15 Toilet Paper Demand Scenario, Commodity Pricing Alerts

59:50 Automating Alerts for Panic Situation

01:02:10 Pandemic as a Blessing for Digital Business, Exponential Growth Rates and Tuition Fee Reimbursement for Employees

01:06:06 Data as Decision Support System, Strategic Decision Indicators

01:08:08 Capital in 21st Century, Thomas Piketty and Free Markets

01:11:31 Failures of Capitalist Societies on Individual Front and Socialist Aversion of Wealth Generation

01:15:15 UBI, Interventions, and CEO to Lowest Paid Worker Ratio

01:18:25 Career Blunders and Regrets

01:22:12 Psychometric Tests for Intellect Filtering, Behavioral Stability and Creativity Trade-off

01:24:08 Target’s Epic Failure in Canada, What Data Science could have Prevented

01:25:08 Gameplan to Compete with Walmart and Amazon

01:28:00 Sarimax, Armiax and Volatility Management, Planning vs Forecasting

01:31:33 Deep NNs or Lack thereof, Explainability and Monte Carlo as Alternative

01:34:00 Model Parsimony in Times Series, Baseline Models in Excel

01:37:50 R vs Python, Specific Use Cases

01:40:25 Delegating and Element of Trust

01:43:20 Time and Space Complexity of Models, Netflix and Deployments at Target

01:46:00 Political Impacts on Shipments, Narratives and Hypothesis Testing

01:48:00 Nate Silver, Nassem Talib, and Early Inspirations

01:52:05 Work-life Balance

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