Let’s think of the worst-case scenario first. You have a brilliant engineer and head of a marketing team together working on a great product. Trust me on this one, you don’t want to get in between that duel. Put them in a room lock them up and they’ll figure out something. You don’t want any piece of that.

Now think of the best-case scenario. An engineer and a community builder working together to generate fantastic products and a wonderful community experience. You should put them together on a podcast instead.

On January 28th, I’ll be talking to Thom Ives, Ph.D. the engineer, and Giovanna-Reggina Galleno-Malaga the community builder together on my show. The duo is one of the most helpful people in the data science and machine learning community and if you don’t have them in your LinkedIn network, you are missing out a lot.

Timestamps of the Conversation:

Video Link: https://youtu.be/VCMSym5Q_EE?list=PLtluUSnvgbdF7MlqjX5-IVMCkFGTrEWlz

Audio Link: https://anchor.fm/minhaaj/episodes/Data-Science-with-Giovanna–Thom-eppufp

00:00 intro

03:09 Google community Building and Developer Advocacy

09:40 Work at HP, mechanical engineering & Data Science

14:57 Importance of Soft Skills & Cross-Functional Teams

21:15 Data Science is becoming rapidly saturated

39:55 Data Science, it’s fun too and it’s rewarding

52:10 Giovanna as Freelance photographer

55: 58 Special events in Italy and different cultures around the world

1:08:32 Learning path moment

1:15:51 Better decisions for humanity as a data scientist

1:39:40 Thought leaders, Moore’s law, computing power, soft skills

1:52:29 If you were to live your life again what would you change

Giovanna’s Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/giovannag

Thom’s Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomives/

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Minhaaj Rehman is CEO & Chief Data Scientist of Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency focused on psychographic profiling and value generation through machine learning and deep learning.


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