Amazon captures 49.1% of the US eCommerce market share. It has a catalog of 12 million products across all categories and services. Between July to December 2020, Amazon had 3.10 billion mobile and desktop visits. Over $10 billion worth of products were sold on Amazon Prime Day in 2020 and $38 billion on Single’s day.

It takes an astronomical infrastructure to be able to generate those numbers. Infrastructure doesn’t run itself though. It requires people with the calm of a Jedi and the dexterity of a baseball pitcher. The first person on the chopping block when things go wrong is the one who leads them.

Next on my show is Amazon PM, Linkedin Top Voice of 2020 in Data Science, Greg Coquillo . It’s a PM’s job to get everyone back in one piece from the battlefield. An episode you won’t regret watching.

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Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 intro

04:35 Haiti, Childhood, First Country to get Independence in Caribbean

07:21 Education system, French Language, Earthquake and Poverty

13:52 SATs, Private Tuition and community colleges in US

16:26 Student Debts, Planning for College and Damage Control

18:12 Ivy League vs Second Tier College Degree, Google and Amazon

20:41 Book ‘Price of Admission’, SAT scores and H1b Visa

25:16 Movie Buff, Fiction, Christopher Nolan and Sci-Fi

32:50 Industrial Engineering and Transition to Worklife

37:00 Sundar Pichai, Engineering and Business Worlds

41:32 French Schooling to English Speaking Jobs, SoftSkill

44:53 Getting in Amazon, Selling Yourself and Cracking Interviews

45:45 Amazon Infrastructure, Myths and Realities inside Amazon

39:10 Learning Culture in Amazon, ML University, Jeff Bezos and Tests

57:00 Nokia, Blackberry and Importance of Innovation in Disruptive Markets

58:04 Acquisitions at Amazon and Aspirations of a Book Selling Retailer

01:01:20 Sushi, Wasabi, Naan, Palak Paneer, Fois Gras, Spices and Vinegar

01:08:17 Alibaba, Profit Margin and Growth around the World

01:17:14 Iranian Sanctions, Global Politics and US-China Traders

01:20:35 Gamestop, Bitcoin and Stock Markets

01:28:30 Snowflakes, DataBricks and Gartner Forecasts for Cloud Growth

01:31:11 Amazon’s edge in Infrastructure, SageMaker and Storage

01:34:42 Moore’s Law, Computing Power and Quantum Computing

01:39:14 AI in Future and Nostalgia for the Past, Liberation and Isolation

01:45:25 Psychological Well Being and Impact of Technology

01:44:00 Sofia the Intelligent Robot, Movie ‘Her’, Tony Robbins and Future of Intimacy

01:49:00 Neuroanatomy of Sofia, Greg Theory and Facial Expressions

01:57:10 Time Travel, King, Emperor, Saint, Past and Future

02:01:28 Science, Religion and Spirituality

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Minhaaj Rehman is CEO & Chief Data Scientist of Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency focused on psychographic profiling and value generation through machine learning and deep learning.


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