Harrison Canning is a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the School of Individualized Studies, Founder of The BCI Guys & Neurotechnology Exploration Team. He makes videos on his Youtube channel The BCI Guys and has designed his own degree centered around brain-computer interface technology (BA in Neurotechnology).

The BCI Guys is a media company dedicated to removing the barrier to entry and increasing interest in the field of neurotechnology. It produces engaging, sensational, digestible, and informative content via YouTube, podcasts, and blog posts. Its aim is to lead the conversation around neurotechnology through a science-based approach and conveying what is possible, while also conveying the tremendous potential of brain-computer interface and neuromodulation technologies.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/DOMPzuiT0gU?list=PLtluUSnvgbdF7MlqjX5-IVMCkFGTrEWlz

Audio Link: https://anchor.fm/minhaaj/episodes/BCIs–Neuro-Modulation-and-NeuroEthics-with-Harrison-Canning-e18s8sf

Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 Intro

01:34 Assault, Concussion and Neurotech

06:01 Coping with Memory Loss, Mathematical Ability & Courage

12:50 Moral Support, SuperMoms & Hope

08:15 Bodysuits, Neuro diseases, Robotics & Boston Dynamics

10:48 Pros and Cons of invasive vs non-invasive Solutions, 1000 Brains Theory, Signal Amplification Issues

13:40 Lucid Dreams, Brain Wave Differences in Human Subjects, RIT Neurotech Research Lab

28:16 Accuracy for Apple Watches & Wearables and Size to Measurement Precision Ration

30:39 SpO2 Levels, Sleep and Stress levels, False Positives

33:32 Delta Waves, Meditation and Focus Research

37:30 Post-trauma Brain Rewiring, Man with Half a Brain, Machine Learning & Intent Prediction through Connectomes

43:10 NeoCortex in Humans vs Other Animal Species, Cons of Late Maturation of Cortex, Human Behavioral Biology

47:00 NeuroPharmacology vs NeuroModulation, Addiction & Jordan Peterson

50:00 Deep Brain Stimulation, Jaak Panksepp, Clinical trials on 2000 People, Controllable Neuro Modulation to Alleviate Pain

53:30 Number of Electrodes, Depression & Anxiety, Neuropathic Pain 56:10 Seizure Detection through AI, Brain Wave Patterns for Seizures, Chip Implants for Preventing them

58:30 Inspiring Mentor & Role Model

01:02:40 Neuroscience Starter Kit, Cost of Hypondyne Z vs OpenBCI , $499 EEG Cap

01:06:04 Neurotech Education Around the World. Neurotechx Latam, Nigerian Schools

01:10:02 Distributed Neurotech, Remote Patient Monitoring, Technology Exchange

01:14:50 Wernicke & Broca’s Area, Speech Restoration through ML & BrainGate

01:21:25 Motor vs Sensory Homunculus, Sense Substitution & Neuroplasticity

01:26:18 Predicting Human Activity based on Brain Waves, Jennifer Anniston Neuron & Dedicated Neurons

01:30:30 AGI, Recreation of Artificial Brain & Limbic System

01:36:00 Stereotypes as Dropout Regularisation, Racism, Xenophobia, Polarity

01:39:20 Icecream, Greasy Food, Music, Happiness, Sex & Rationality

01:42:00 Future of BCI Guys

01:47:30 Neuroethics, Facebook Whistleblower, Body Image, Culture, Society & Cognitive Enhancements

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personal website: https://harrisoncanning.com/

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Minhaaj Rehman is CEO & Chief Data Scientist of Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency focused on psychographic profiling and value generation through machine learning and deep learning.


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