James Gaskin is a professor of Information Systems Management at Brigham Young University in Utah. He is known for his SEM modeling videos on his Youtube channels viewed over a million times.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/BQ_kQP1lNBw?list=PLtluUSnvgbdF7MlqjX5-IVMCkFGTrEWlz

Audio Link: https://anchor.fm/minhaaj/episodes/Structural-Equation-Modelling-in-Information-Sciences—James-Gaskin-e13rc1h

Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 intro

07:00 Mismatch between Pedagogical Style and Student Needs

12:11 Behavioral Science and Structural Equation Modelling.

16:40 Cut-off scores in Model Acceptance in SEM

17:30 SEM on Big Data and Computational Intensity

20:14 Model Explanation in Academics vs Industry

21:16 Academic Trash Research Papers getting Published

23:35 Gerry-mandering of Data and Publishing Mafia

26:20 HTMT as Discriminant Validity Criteria and other Accuracy Metrics

28:20 Empirical vs Mathematical Convergence of Models and Compromise

29:51 Life as Gymnast and 31 Moves in Life, Japan, California and Malaysia

35:00 Failing High School and Relationship Stability

37:19 Data Scientist vs Academic Learning – Siloed Knowledge

49:39 Book ‘How to lie with Statistics’, John Perkins, Joseph Stiglitz and Political Manipulation of Data

44:22 Enron, Big Four and Cooking Books

47:26 Hedonist Motivation System, Pavlov’s Reinforcement and SEM

53:40 Futility of Research in Social Sciences and Remedy

55:40 Utrect University Abandons Citations for Hiring and Promotion of Faculty for Open Science

59:40 Work Path towards Ph.D in Australia. Practice vs Theory

01:03:00 Fixing the Academia and Failure. Video Journals for Research

01:07:49 Ratemyprofessor Score and Wrong Incentives for Teacher Rating

01:10:00 University Campus as Political Battlefields, Psychology and Conservatism

01:12:21 Dilemma of Academia vs Industry in Future

01:31:51 Favourite SEM software

01:17:40 Shortcomings of AMOS by IBM

01:19:36 Mediation and Moderation in Structural Models and Explainability

01:23:20 Dropout Regularisation, Second Generation Statistical Tools & Explainability

01:26:00 HC Moneyball and SEM for Understanding Dynamics

01:31:00 Path Analysis and Sales Data Modelling

01:532:41 Mediation and Moderation analysis and Prediction

01:37:40 The Invention Book and Mechanical Engineer

01:40:15 Daughters, Invention Book and Different temperaments

01:53:41 Mediation and Moderation analysis and Prediction

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Minhaaj Rehman is CEO & Chief Data Scientist of Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency focused on psychographic profiling and value generation through machine learning and deep learning.


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