This weekend i am talking with CEO of StatQuest and YouTube celebrity, Dr Josh Starmer from StatQuest. Dr Josh Starmer has been an assistant professor at Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina and his fame comes from his visualization of statistical concepts. He has recently launched his Neural Networks series which has immensely become popular. He is a distinguished scientist in bioinformatics and sequencing and has published in prestigious journals. His initial philanthropic work in Jamaica to promote science turned into a global phenomenon and his videos are seen half a million views on average. He is a teacher at heart and loves to make sense of big data. His videos on machine learning, R, High Sequencing Throughput, and Statistics fundamentals for research have helped millions around the world.

His sense of humor brought to science is what makes learning with him a fun experience. He uses terms like ‘BAM’, ‘Double BAM’, and Terminology alert to captivate his audience and plays ukulele intros for his videos as well as sings professionally. He lived in India as a child where his father taught at IIIT in Chennai and later in Singapore. He currently helps a lot of students online trying to make sense of the data we have on the most pressing issues of our times.

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Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 Intro

01:23 Josh’s Ukulele Introduction

04:24 StatQuest Channel, 1 Million views on PCA video

06:03 Neural Networks Series, Part 1 BlackBox

08:02 Weights & Biases Walkthrough

09:16 NNs Presentation

31:46 Why Neural Networks over Machine Learning Algorithms?

35:50 Self-Driving Cars & GNNs

44:11 Tesla test Drive & Electric vs Combustion Engine

48:50 Backpropagation & Gradient Descent

01:12:40 3Blue1Brown & Neural Net Tutorials on Youtube

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