Lisa Cohen is the Director of Data Science at Twitter and Formerly at Microsoft for 20 years. She holds a bachelor and a master in Applied Mathematics from Harvard and is one of the most influential women in Data Science and AI.

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Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 Intro

02:52 Harvard, Microsoft, and Twitter. From SE to Data Science

03:40 Work Culture at Microsoft, Bigger Picture & Customer First Paradigm

16:40 Working with Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, Leadership Lessons & Marty Kagan

19:30 Zoom Meetings, Productivity & Innovation, ‘Drive’ by Daniel Pink

23:13 Working Styles, Introversion vs Extraversion,

26:43 5-day Week, Focus and Scandinavian Productivity

28:50 The Great Resignation, Data Science Jobs, Networking for People who hate Networking

34:28 Twitter vs Everything else, Metaverse, Space Tourism,

36:50 Non-computing Backgrounds & Transition into Data Science

42:35 Azure’s Race with Amazon in Cloud Computing, OpenAI & First Mover Advantage

46:50 Softball & leadership, Azure Sharks & ‘Hit Refresh’ by Satya Nadella

51:16 Reid Hoffman, Naval Ravikanth & Inspirational Leaders

55:00 Roadblocks in Optimising Data Utilization for Creating Business Value

01:01:00 Data-Centric Models vs ML-Centric Models, Data Augmentation & Use Cases at Microsoft

01:04:04 NVIDIA GTC, Apple M1, Chip Shortage and repercussions for AI

01:08:49 Women in STEM, Mom Support Group & Women leaving STEM faster

01:17:06 Lessons for Leadership being a Parent.

01:20:25 Managing things as a Parent, Work Cycles & Productivity Marathon

01:21:00 Valedictorian Child, Being Elder Sibling, Work Ethics and Parents

01:25:30 Performance Expectation, Sibling Rivalry, Being a Role Model

01:27:19 Mentors and Best Advice

01:30:05 Jack Dorsey, Life, Legacy & Impact on Others

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