There is a company that is at the avant-garde of quantum computing it is Zapata computing. Lead by Christopher Savoie and the one and only Alan guzik, Zapata is doing brilliant research in the field and its orquestra is a state-of-the-art product that we at Psyda are exploring. Orquestra by Zapata computing creates quantum workflows for material discovery, supply chain optimisation and quantum hardware benchmarking. It gives a platform to use any framework of your choice into its workflow. You can specify cpu, ansatz specs, backend specs, optimiser specs and qubit operators all within orquestra.

On February 3rd, i’ll be talking to Zapata scientist, Dr. Luis Serrano, the author of best-selling ‘Grokking Machine Learning’ book published by Manning Publications. He has worked at Google as a machine learning engineer, at Udacity as the head of AI content, and at Apple as a lead AI educator. He runs a popular YouTube channel where he explains machine learning in layperson terms. In partnership with our kind sponsors Manning Publications, we will giving away 5 free pdf copies of his book as well as 35% discount for all products on Manning Publications. Here is the discount code podpsyda21. Free books will be given to first five viewers who will comment or like the stream.

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Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 Intro

03:45 Growing up in Colombia, Turmoil of 80s & 90s and Oligarchy

05:56 Adversity, Challenge & History

08:27 Introversion, Friendships & School

12:32 Math Olympiads, Scholarships & Moving Abroad

22:16 Work-Centered Identity in West vs Collective Cultures

29:00 Problems with Schooling & Happiness

36:40 Youtube Channel, Teaching can be Fun, Complex Ideas in Simple Language

40:50 Working for Youtube, Optimising Watch Time

48:00 Job at Udacity & Love of Teaching

53:00 Storytelling, Narrative and Teaching with Stories

01:07:13 AI, Data Science & Machine Learning

01:10:25 Quantum Computing, Zapata Computing

01:16:00 Einstein’s criticism of Quantum Physics

01:23:00 Using Quantum Computing on CIFAR classification Problem

01:29:19 Generative Models and Quantum Algorithms

01:31:05 Working with Alan Aspire Guzik

01:34:45 IBM’s Qiskit, Zapata’s Orquestra etc

01:40:06 Particles, God and Spirituality

01:45:45 Self-Driving Cars, Pros vs Cons, Alternatives

01:50:56 Tim Gebru, Diversity, Bias & Abuse of AI

01:57:45 From the Fall of Berlin Wall to Mexican Wall. Trump Presidency

02:00:56 Black Lives Matter, Metoo, Discrimination and AI

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Minhaaj Rehman is CEO & Chief Data Scientist of Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency focused on psychographic profiling and value generation through machine learning and deep learning.


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