Mark Hannaford is an honorary associate professor awarded for his work in Extreme Medicine by the University of Exeter Medical School and is the founding director of World Extreme Medicine, an International Fellow of the prestigious New York-based Explorers Club, and Fellow of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Society of Arts. He founded an Msc Program in Extreme Medicine at Exeter University. The UK.

A former special forces reserve soldier, a professional photographer, dogsled guide, remote boat handler, and peripatetic explorer Mark has been involved with expeditions for over 30 years and has led and organized expeditions to all of the world’s continents, in the desert and marine environments but also in polar regions, at altitude and has been involved in adventurous pursuits on all of the worlds five continents.

Mark is also an award-winning photographer with images published in the Sunday Times, Telegraph, Rough Guides, and National Geographic. He is also an honorary aquanaut, an International Fellow of the famous Explorers Club of New York, a faculty member of the Space and Aviation Medicine course at the University of Texas Medical Board and Pacific University, Oregon.

Through the activities of Across, the Divide Expeditions Mark is proud to have helped in the facilitation of raising over £103/ $134 million for charity. Every year he organizes World Extreme Medicine Conference with participants from NASA and Harvard Medical School. Mark has collaborated with celebrities like Bear Grylls and the upcoming Mission Impossible team.

00:00 Intro

01:40 What is Extreme Medicine

03:40 From Geography to Medicine

05:57 Beauty in Geography and Art & Science.

07:02 Living in Abisko, Sweden & Arctic Life

10:22 Raising a Husky Dog

11:32 Bonds, Relationships & Adventure. Juggling the Balls

14:00 From Tundra’s to Deserts, Ruba’al Khaali, Rajasthan & Biodiversity

18:55 Caucusus, Georgia, Kazakhastan, Georgetown Antarctica

21:36 Catacombs of Paris, Red Sand, Oman, Ethiopian Plateaus

32:40 Genes of People living on Coastline, Anatomy of an Explorer & Childhood

37:50 Body as a Machine, Keto, Stews & Frozen Foods in Extreme Environments

41:33 Impact of Mark’s Work, Working in Himalayas & Mental Prowess

46:30 Fundraising, Red Cross & Philanthropy

49:58 Work at NASA, EM Conference at Harvard & Space Preparations

58:30 Ryne Myers, Bear Grylls & British adventurism

01:01:00 Paramount Movies’ Mission Impossible Collaboration

01:09:06 Technology as Breaker of Boundaries & Legacy

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