Psychology & Mental Help Advice.

Over the years, i have had the pleasure of learning things from my students, peers, travels, life & serendipidity. I no longer find time for individual counselling (business psychology) but i have found some repeated themes during my conversations. This page answers most of the questions asked of me quite often. I hope it will help people find some measure of balance in their lives. This is what i have personally found useful and comes without guarantees. Professional help always supersedes generic advice. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Check Vital Signs Regularly. Temperature, Pulse & Respiration

Make a record of the variations, triggers and special sensitivities. You can use a Smart Watch or medical devices.

Maintain Electronic Medical Records

A medical History pendant or similar device help physicians access your medical history and record changes to improve your health.

Use Fitness Apps for Caloric Intake

These records along with medical history helps health care professionals diagnose better. Get regular blood work done to find potential health risks.

Learn to Prioritise and Organise Important Things.

Make a check list of things from high to low importance. You can use Maslow’s Hierarchy to rank them. Focus on high priority needs first.

Eat Natural Foods & Treat with Herbs

Try to eat organic food with good nutrient balance. Avoid fad foods and use herbal remedies to boost body’s immunity against diseases.

Hygienic Routines help Prevent Stress

Regular showers, nail, hair, skin and dental care goes a long way. Cleanliness is close to Godliness.

Take Out the Time to Meditate

World works just fine without us. Breaking out from the race and focusing in the present rejuvenates our existence.

Establish Boundaries and Find Sincere Friends

Man is an average of his five best friends and a product of the books he reads. Cultivate a good circle of friends and pull the plug on negative people.

Learn a Skill, Perfect it, Make it Profession.

We are all born with a gift. Great people just discover it and garner it. Teach it to others and make it your job. You won’t have to despise work again.

Identify Your Cognitive Biases

CBT isn’t only for distressed people. It can help you identify your inbuilt biases and how playing devil’s advocate with self can help.

Ask Someone to Argue with You.

Our self-defense mechanisms tell us a lot about how we protect ourselves. It is hard to see for us but others can do it easily. Find out what defense are you more likely to choose and think why.

Personality Disorders

Gifts come with their problems. Think of roses with thorns. Three major clusters of psychological disorders A, B and C are a good start to understanding maladaptive patterns.

Find a Mentor

Admiration is most potent of the inspirations. Find someone you admire to help you navigate the labyrinth. It gets a lot easier.

Take a Personality Test

You do not have to be a misfit to thinking about seeking help. You can take free MBTI or Big Five Personality tests online. An objective portrait of self is always helpful.

Keep a Diary or Recording

Importance of writing your goals, muses, aspirations, ideas can not be stressed enough. Your story in its making helps you write a good future.

Do Charity

World is built on passing forward skills, time and resources. Charity helps people who don’t have something to become something. Don’t let the chain break

Vacations are Underrated

In a world where work becomes glorified, vacations are often ignored. Write down your expenses and make that number in quickest manner. Focus on increasing vacation days. Use that time to learn new things.

Simple Life is the Key

You can only be generous if you keep your expenses well below your earning. This only happens if you keep them simple and automate them in cycles of 6 months to a year. Keep an emergency fund so that you don’t go in panic mode. Worst decisions are made in panic mode.

Know Your IQ

Choosing write profession for your IQ eliminates job related stress. Once you have the score, search for general IQ scores and career choices. You will thank yourself later in life.

Online Communities

Internet has made it possible to connect with likeminded people across the globe. Improve your communication skills and connect with interesting people. Don’t be shy in asking for help and giving help.

Let Your Work Talk

Titles, Qualifications, Certifications and Resumes can get you opportunities (and arrogance) but not always happiness and peace. Stop taking refuge in outwardly things. You don’t need them to be a kind person with self-worth.