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Minhaaj Rehman is Visiting Professor, Podcaster, CEO & Chief Data Scientist at Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency focused on psychographic profiling and value generation through machine learning and deep learning. Data-driven decisions for executives are increasingly becoming a complicated puzzle and without reliable modeling and reality testing, such decisions can become deal-breakers.

Psyda uses behavioral insights from consumer and market data to elicit insights that give companies a unique advantage over their competitors. Psyda creates infographics, research reports, stunning websites, podcasts, white papers & story dashboards with actionable insights for executives to make informed decisions about their next moves. It is also official partners of Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM. Company is also incorporated in Kigali, Rwanda.

Minhaaj has served in different universities around the world as a guest/visiting professor & is frequently invited to give advanced training programs and lectures on complicated research problems in qualitative and quantitative research. He serves as an advisory council member at the prestigious Harvard Business Review. He holds an MBA and is a Doctoral candidate (on hold) and also studied Computational Physics for year. He also completed Research Data Services summer camp at Georgia State University.

Some of the top universities where he has been invited to speak are University of Wollogong, Dubai Campus and MBUZAI Abu Dhabi among others. His students include researchers from medicine, engineering, social sciences & commerce and have left raving reviews of his unorthodox teaching methods and unconventional approach to education. He is a popular reviewer for Amazon Best-Selling books published by O'Reilly, Wiley, Manning Publications and Packt among others.

His top to bottom approach to pedagogy resonates with his audience and has gotten him applauded by his intellectual peers and thought leaders around the world. His posts on LinkedIn are at the bleeding edge of AI, Neuroscience and Psychology and are immensely popular among his 32,000 plus followers which are also available on his Medium blog. According to Linkedin Social Selling Index, he is in top 1% of the influencers and top 2% people with strong networks. He is also a member of the prestigious International High IQ Society. He was a nominee for prestigious Relativity Innovation Awards in AI category for 2022. He was on the expert panel that drafted Open Ethics Transparency Protocol suggested by Nikitia Lukianets at DataTracker project.

Minhaaj’s research interests include psychometrics, personality psychology, and its applications for education and businesses using machine learning & deep neural networks. His research has been read over 29,000 times on ResearchGate. He translated the NEO IPIP 300 test for Big Five Personality into Urdu that is being used in numerous universities and clinical psychology departments around the country. He has trained and mentored thousands of people and hundreds of organizations around the globe through his professional and academic courses and workshops. He is a certified trainer for RStudio and MAXQDA among other research software.

In 7th Grade he was introduced to computers which he couldn’t afford and paid 10 cents an hour to go internet cafe to learn about the world beyond his small town. Through MIRC he got introduced to people around the globe which opened the door to possibilities and knowledge for him. His love for books and reading was first garnered by his mother who was a Professor in Chemistry in his city and arguably the most educated woman in her family.

Technology took this curiosity and hunger to a whole new level and he became an avid reader and explorer of eclectic ideas built upon his interactions with people from all across the globe. As his analysis, knowledge, and communication ripened it brought a rebellion against the accepted narratives.

He could bring arguments from multicultural, multi-religious, multi-racial & ethnic points of view easily changing positions in his tireless endeavor to first understand and then propose a solution to what divides & unsettles people. After his MBA from Pakistan, he embarked on a transformative journey to Europe where he studied, worked, suffered and backpacked for many years bringing him to a world unbeknownst to him yet very similar to his, once scratched enough. These experiences were part of his early formative experiences in what he now believes is collective human consciousness and universality in the chaos of opposite poles.

His work often finds itself in publications, interviews, conference presentations, panel discussions, podcasts in multiple languages in reputable magazines and newspapers across the globe like The News, PakistanToday, SüdWest Presse, Linux Format, and The Lahore Times.

He is also the host of one of the top podcasts in data science ’The Minhaaj Podcast’, available on Youtube as well as Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. His Podcast has recently been listed as the world’s top 36 podcasts in AI & Data Science. He is one of the very few podcasters from Asia. He has been a guest on popular podcasts like Leaders of Analytics hosted by Jonas Christensen, Data Nerd Herd by Joe Reis and Data Professor Channel by Chanin Nantasemant among others.

Some of the smartest people around the world have appeared on his show in a long-form candid conversation e.g. Lisa Cohen – Director of Data Science at Twitter, Memory Champion & Neuroscientist Boris Konrad & Famous Neuroscientist – Greg Gage and other luminaries from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, as well as Forbes, WSJ, CIO and Amazing Best-Selling book writers. With over 30 episodes he has explored some of the most challenging areas in Quantum Computing, Cognitive Neuroscience, AGI, Pedagogy, Deep Neural Networks & Brain-Computer Interfaces.

As one of the founders of Wikipedia in Pakistan and one of the early members of the Board of Directors of Wikieducator, he feels privileged to be able to share his experiences of grounding the movement in Pakistan and he was shortlisted and Interviewed for TED Talk India Fellowship for that work.

He is one of the top consultant helping cutting-edge startups and sits on advisory boards of various companies and organizations. His philanthropic work includes supporting underprivileged schools, colleges, and individuals through internships, capacity-building programs, frequent visits and financial aid across Asia and Africa. He has helped his students secure admissions in competitive academic programs around the world and proudly shares their accomplishments from time to time.

He is a peer reviewer at IRRORDL, a distant learning journal for over 10 years. He routinely inspires young researchers by suggesting new research areas, paper ideas, interdisciplinary fields, and possible collaborations through his writings and talks. He

His book “Psychometrics in Human Resource Management” is based on his graduate research work on personality psychology and is available on Amazon. It is an inquiry on how personality types are not mere concoctions of character but a replicable scientific fact that helps us in predicting the future and it can be a source of relief from suffering. An extension of it is predicting collective behavior through big data in commercial companies using insights found within the data.

His love for his work has stemmed from his perennial travels around the world to over 26 countries from northern Sweden to Rwanda in Africa and the Middle East, all of which has left him inspired by what people can do together if they collaborate. He speaks eight languages and has written about his life experiences in a travelogue called ‘Param Yok’. His op-ed in newspapers has recently been published as a book called ‘Rekindling from the Forgotten’.

When he isn’t working, he can be found somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains, with the shepherds, by the alpine lakes, meditating, appreciating nature & contemplating life, love & compassion. He also lives in Rwanda, Africa in the city of thousand hills, Kigali. Feel free to reach out to him if there is anyone way you need his help.

Reviews of Minhaaj’s work by Global Leaders in AI and Data Science

Frank Corrigan

Director, Decision Intelligence at Target

‘Wildly curious model thinker’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Minhaaj.

I had the pleasure of ideating with him on his podcast – The Minhaaj Podcast – about the intersection of data science, supply chain, and economics. Perhaps better than anyone I’ve spoken with, Minhaaj is coming at the AI revolution from a variety of angles simultaneously using thinking frameworks from psychology, statistics, and education. I’m inspired when I see him developing as a thought-leader in this field by writing books, writing short articles, supporting his contemporaries, and producing a podcast.

His preparation for our discussion was outstanding – he read all my work and articulated it better than myself. I was particularly impressed by Minhaaj’s questions – synthesizing & asking great questions is an art that he’s seemed to have mastered. These questions sent my mind in new directions leading to more ideas and analysis weeks after the podcast was recorded. Minhaaj’s podcast was a powerful catalyst for adjusting some of my perspectives and work.

In whatever capacity it happens next, I’m excited to work with Minhaaj again.

Prashant Natarajan

Product-Led Growth at | Best-Selling Author of the “Demystifying…” Series | Co-Faculty, Stanford Medicine

Big fan of Minhaaj – a polymath who straddles the world’s of data science, econometrics, psychology, education, and yes, podcasting and thought leadership. I’m always surprised at how much Minhaaj manages to accomplish on a daily basis and his caring/sharing what works and doesn’t work with our global community.

I’ve also had the pleasure of being an invited guest on his Minhaaj podcast which brings together thinkers, doers, and dreamers – and their ideas – to a global executive audience. When Minhaaj told me it was a 2-hour long form format, I was intrigued.

Minhaaj’s active listening, the deep research he does (he has read every one of my books and was prepared with thoughtful questions), and the deep expertise he brings to the table meant that we went over time – and could have done for a couple hours more! Yes, we covered big data and data science + AI. We also spoke about the history of technology innovations, Saraswati (Indus) Valley civilization, our shared ancient heritage of science & mathematics, and the need to convey insights & action through storytelling. We also talked about education, philosophy, ethics, and digital transformation- a heady combo.

I look forward to working more with Minhaaj – he is not only great at his craft(s) but is also a scholar, practitioner, and educator extraordinaire.