Prashant Natarajan is the Vice President of Health and Life Sciences division with a record of turning things around at Siemens Oracle Deloitte Unum. He is a Co-Faculty Instructor at Stanford University, author of numerous best-selling books e.g. “Demystifying Big Data & Machine Learning for Healthcare,” published by Taylor & Francis. His latest book is on its way ” Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise: Building Tomorrow’s Self-Driving Organization (upcoming 2021)”.

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Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 intro

00:40 Big Data, Bread Rationing and Datafication

03:15 Volume, Verlocity and Vareity topped up by Veracity and Value

08:34 Data Architecture, Data Meshes for Data Fidelity and Internet of Health Things

13:50 Facebook’s AR/VR Research, Prashant’s Predictions and Elizabeth Holmes

19:18’s Health and Life Sciences Strategy and Role of experiences at Deloitte, Siemens and Oracle

23:40 Mongolia, Genghis Khan and Courage

28:22 Smart Data not Big Data, MLOps, Explainability and Data Generation Speed

35:25 Engineering vs Business Leaders Rift, Great Product or ROI

42:45 AI taking over Physician’s jobs,

52:44 Simba, Lion King and Animal Care

56:00 Mental Health, BurnOut, Depression and Sufism

01:03:24 Universal Health Care and US, the only country without free Health Care

01:08:42 Preventative Medicine, Genome Profiling and ROI

01:14:10 Hospital-less Architecture for Health Care and Biochips, Oximeters etc

01:20:00 Hippocratic oath, Ethics Course at Graduate Schools and Vintage Collection of Casino Dices

01:24:00 Silo’ed EHR to EDWs and OLAP Cubes

01:31:00 State of the AI Report. Publications in AI from China bypassed US ones

01:37:50 Numerous interests, Career Switches and Curiosity

01:40:40 Manipal Institute of Institute, Satya Nadella and Chemical Engineering

01:43:44 Happiness vs Competitive Careers

01:46:40 Epicurus, Fois Gras and Company

01:47:47 Precision Medicine, Epidemiology and SDoH/ADL

01:52:50 Michael Moore’s Sicko, HMOs, Insurance Companies and Profits

01:57:53 H20’s Gameplan for Healthcare Improvement

02:02:20 Love of Food, Elliptical and Walking the Talk

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