Richard Turrin is an award-winning, dynamic Fintech expert with over 20 years of experience in leveraging new technology to drive revenue growth for market-leading companies. He writes, speaks, and consults on innovation and China because he learned about both the hard way. He headed four labs in banks responsible for financial product innovation and headed fintech operations in China. His best-selling books ‘Cashless’ and ‘Innovation Excellence Lab’ are some of the most recommended books on the topic. He has worked for IBM in senior roles and has been a professor at Hult International Business School.

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Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 intro

00:38 Financial Crisis of 90s and Arrival in Shangai

03:32 China, From Copycat to Innovator, WeChat and Mark Zuckerberg

08:42 Twelfth Five-Year Plan, Regulation of IT and China’s Gorbachev of Fintech

15:09 Crocodile in the Yangtze, Chinese’s Public-Private Partnership and Liberalisation

24:19 China’s Great Firewall, Invasion of Privacy and Uhygar Plight, Freedom as an Average Consumer

32:24 Central Bank Digital Currency, Blockchain and Version 2.0

42:00 Architecture of CDBC. Centralised, Decentralised or Distributed. Public or Private BlockChain

54:00 Challenges of International Adoption of China’s CDBC , US’s Exclusionary Policy and China’s Partnerships in Africa and Middle East

01:11:50 Losers in Chinese CDBC War, US and Allies, PayPal, Square, Stripe and Alipay

01:29:30 US Foreign Policy, Walk of Shame out of Afghanistan, Fiascos in Iraq and Vietnam and Lost Respect in International Community

01:39:50 China’s Innovation beats US by at least 5 Years, Repercussions of CDBC, Smart Contracts and Private Sector Trade

01:12:21 Inspiration in Life, Love of Books and Loss of Mother

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