Ryne Sherman is Chief Science Officer of Hogans Assessments and Podcast Host of Hogan’s Podcast. He was a Professor of Psychological Sciences at Florida Atlantic University before that.

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00:00 intro

01:42 Personality Portraits, Big Five, Self vs Other Reports

03:53 Trait Identification, Talent Hunting and Reputation-based Prediction

06:07 Adult Variations in Personality, High School Screening and Stability of Profile

08:03 Personality Profile of Trump Supporters and Shard Psychographics

11:40 Core Beliefs and Values as Predictors, Politics and Economic Stimulus

16:01 Psychometric Theory vs Pop Psychology, Response Patterns and Behavioral Predictions

19:11 From Archetypes to Oedipus complex, Reliability and Validity of Hogan Assessments

22:37 Machine Learning, AI and Personality Predictions, Ensemble Models

26:11 Algorithmic Explainability in Assessment Data, Avoiding Blackbox NNs

29:02 Career Development, Executive Recruiting and Personality Plasticity

32:00 Department transfers, Perceived Image and Reputation Awareness

33:51 Childhood, Boy Scout and High School

35:24 Birth Order and Research on Effects on Personality

37:00 Dark Side of Personality, Attention Craving and Workplace Problems

39:52 Explaining Personality Reports and Failed Predictions

43:35 Modern Open Architectures like Apple Park and Introvert Disadvantage

46:38 Facebook Likes and Personality Paper, Michal Kosinksi and Media Hype

50:49 Behavioral Data vs Survey Based Assessments, BabySitting & Crystalknows

58:53 Neuroscience and Personality, Classical Conditioning and Trainability

01:01:02 IQ and Personality Report Correlation, Curiosity and Learning Approach

01:04:35 Cambridge Analytica, High IQs for Academics and Criminals are Same

01:07:15 Data Privacy at Hogans and Anonymity

01:10:20 Clinical Assessments and Workplace Assessments, MMPI and Psychopathy

01:16:38 Correlations of Schizotypal PD and Introversion

01:04:35 PID 5, Thomas Widiger’s Work on Big Five and Psychopathology

01:19:40 Assessment Market Capitalisation, M&As, and Competitive Edge

01:24:20 Biased Samples and WEIRD populations, Amazon MTurk Samples

01:28:50 Jordan Peterson, Gender Differences in Occupation and Effect Sizes

01:33:20 Political Motives and Personality Data. Trends vs Facts

01:36:55 GWAS, Gene Modification, Sparta and Personality Correlations

01:40:37 Cousin Marriages, Probability of Diseases and Different Types of Risks

01:43:00 Therapy Reception and Personality types, Meditation and Introversion

01:45:55 Neuroplasticity, Midlife Crisis and Lifetime Changes

01:52:11 Changing Phenotype, Ping Pong Champion, Birds of Same Feather,

01:55:00 Gifted Student Programs and Standardised Tests

01:57:56 Ottoman Janissaries, Neurodiverse Populations and Outliers

02:04:10 Savant Phenomenon, Unexplored Possibilities

02:06:03 Prediction of Medical Conditions and Personality Traits

01:10:00 Releasing Stress, Work-life Balance, 3 Living Music Legends

Ryne’s profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rynesherman/

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Minhaaj Rehman is CEO & Chief Data Scientist of Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency focused on psychographic profiling and value generation through machine learning and deep learning.


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