Tools like Grammarly, Ref n Write and Scholarcy are all outcomes of Natural Language Processing and help in writing academic papers that are of high quality. On December 6th, I’ll be talking to an expert in computer-assisted language teaching Vance Stevens. Vance has trained pilots in UAE and has spent 40 years working around the world teaching English using cutting-edge technologies such as SecondLife. We will be discussing issues like academic writing and modern-day tools for intelligent research like MAXQDA and NVivo.

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Timestamps of the Conversation:

00:00 Intro

09:00 Quick Chat with Bobbi about Technology in Schools

04:24 500 Episodes of Learning Together and ESL Work

35:40 Webheads Global Community

41:47 Earlier work on NLP and Digitising Language

45:16 Earlier Chatbots & Limitations

50:15 Teaching Pilots Technical Courses & Pedagogical Principles

59:00 SecondLife, Sims & ESL teaching in Virtual Worlds

01:04:11 Minecraft in Teaching & Gamification

01:12:40 Game-Based Learning & Pedagogical Principles

01:17:33 Addiction, Games & Reality

01:20:50 Academic Peer Review Problems & TESOL publishing

01:23:00 Peculiarity of English vs European & Oriental Languages

01:37:00 Spending like in Gulf as an Expat

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