For 25 years, Wayne Turmel has been obsessed with how people communicate at work. For the last 15, he’s focused on communicating through technology. He is a co-founder of the Remote Leadership Institute ( , and author or co-author of 13 books including The Long-Distance Teammate, Stay Engaged and Connected While Working Anywhere, and The Long-Distance Leader, Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership. He’s had the honor of working with clients around the globe. Originally from Canada, Wayne now lives and works in Las Vegas.

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0:00 Intro

0:35 Zoom Fatigue

07:23 The 3P Model of Remote Work Success

19:58 Lack of Trust and Loyalty in Remote Work

28:46 Inter-Generational Values of Work Ethics

40:58 High Rentals in Tech Capitals and Post COVID Remote-only Scenario

55:26 COVID 19 Amplifies Suicide and Divorce Rates in North America

01:02:45 Teenage Hopelessness

01:09:17 Horrible Maths of Research Reports

01:16:46 Productivity in Scandinavia vs US and Six-Day Week

01:25:23 McKinsey Report on Remote Work

01:23:27 Personality Differences in Workplace Burnout

01:35:35 Humans Aren’t Born to Work 9 to 5

01:39:25 Wayne’s Toolkit for Remote Work

01:43:47 DISC communication Style Tool, MBTI and Personality Psychology

01:50:24 Older Populations and Tech Stack Learning Curve

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